Mark:  Office Manager

Mark has been in the finance industry since 2007 and the retail industry since 1993.  With his combined experience, he understands what it's like to be the lender AND the borrower.  Mark is ambitious and eager to help service loans of existing customers, as well as, recruit new customers.  He understands that River City Finance and the customer must work well together for each one to succeed.

Mark does his best to do what benefits the customer AND the company.  He will not approve a loan for a customer if the monthly payments will overwhelm their debt to income ratio.  Mark will also not approve a loan simply to make the company look good...the customer must qualify.  To help customers establish credit, Mark is in charge of reporting credit standings to TransUnion monthly, as well as, updating awareness with current lending laws per The Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act. 

Since 2016, Mark has also been onhand to file taxes at the office.  As a certified preparer, Mark has the ability to e-file returns for Federal AND State returns.  For pricing and details, click the menu tab TAX SERVICES.

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